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We love a challenge. Ask us anything, and we will answer and dig even deeper to empower your business and make data-driven decisions while challenging the status quo with facts - not opinions.


Custom Dashboards

Each of our dashboards are fully customized - built alongside you based on your business and data, while integrating new data and creating a source of truth for your business challenges. These challenges can range from profitability, marketing, sales, product development, reporting, automation and more.

Our four-phase process of Discovery, Roadmap Buildout, Data Structure & Data Implementation, Data Visualization & Insights Sharing ensures what's developed answers your business questions in real-time. With our custom dashboards you proactively act upon your learnings and impact your day-to-day business.
  • Example RADaR dashboard
  • Example RADaR dashboard

Operational Performance

Our operational dashboards help you look at your business holistically and not in silos. Do you want to know how profitable each department is? What is your effective hourly rate for each of your clients? How your employees are spending their time? How you are pacing towards internal benchmarks? Or marketing performance for all of your campaigns?

Our results allow you to have full understanding of your operations, what you need to grow or maintain those operations, and identify areas of opportunity to build efficiencies.

National Provider Identifier Dashboard

Utilizing the NPI database we created a dashboard that can be combined with vendor technology to validate and understand which  ads are being served to unique providers. The dashboard can also provide critical insights that agencies and healthcare brands can utilize to make strategic marketing and business decisions.

Dashboard benefits include:

• Quick review of KPI's
• Demographic insights including: ad performance by credentials,     seniority, and device.
• Ad performance by location
• Quick access to a full directory of NPI's served 

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Analysis and Advanced Analytics

Once your data is aggregated and the story developed, what's next? Our team will dig in and find the pieces you can act on. This is our team's favorite part! We help you find the sentiment toward your brand, forecast sales and growth, determine marketing strategies & messaging based on your audience's awareness and where they are in their consumer journey.

We will show you where you should open your next location, how to monitor product development based on seasonality and supply and demand, or how to course correct if your current approach isn't working.

Custom Insights & Reporting Dashboard

Every RADaR client receives a visual dashboard that displays their data in a concise and easy-to-read way.

Data Strategy Consulting

There’s no need to juggle multiple dashboards, spreadsheets, or profiles—we’ll get all your data in one place.

Deep-dive Analysis

We measure the impact of media efforts on business goals and help you achieve optimized engagement and maximized ROI.

Forecasting & Modeling

We use past data to predict the months and years to come — and provide suggestions for hitting your future business goals.

Business Solutions

Our data consultants can improve everything from data collection to customer segmentation to data analysis. In fact, there’s nothing in the data world that they can’t do.

Analytics Resources Consulting

If you want to improve the quality of your website data collection, find out most-potential customer segments, or need help with marketing analytics, RADaR is here for you.
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