More than Marketing

More than Marketing

At RADaR, we bring various levels of reporting and tracking to the table for our clients. Data doesn't fit into a box and how you approach it should not either. We approach data based on the need of the client because every client is different, whether they are in the same industry or different industries. Here are a few ways we can provide customized dashboards for your business beyond our media solutions.

Sales Dashboards

  • Client Journey: tracking where sales are coming from and the journey the potential clients take from the first touchpoint to conversion. 
  • Market Opportunities: provides a better understanding of what area to focus on when it comes to marketing, sales and potential new markets.
    • Media data mapped with Google Analytics data not only shows if the media is working but also provides insight into potential new markets for a product/service.
  • Engagement and Onsight Activity: provides insight into where potential issues lie within the consumer journey and marketing efforts. 
  • New Business Opportunites: identifies trends within the industry that are worth exploring and capitalizing on.

Operations Dashboards

While success and growth can be measured in silos, it is truly how every level of business works together that provides the full picture. Our operations dashboards were created as customizable solutions that provide businesses insight into how each level of the company operates in order to drive growth.

  • Employee Performance Tracking: automated, daily tracking of each employee’s performance, including how many campaigns that they manage are meeting the goals. 
  • Employee Performance Workload: automated, daily tracking of each employee’s workload, including the number of clients, campaigns, dollars amount, and integration with time entry system to provide effective hourly rate and estimated P&L.

  • Client Anniversary Reminder: tracking the history of relationships with clients,  which serves as a reminder for client services team to send out appreciation to clients on the right occasion. 

  • Client Development Dashboard: tracking the overall media engagement with each client and identifying opportunities for growth, such as proposing media channels that the client never ran but showed effective for similar clients in the same vertical.

If you would like to learn more about our customizable dashboards and solutions, contact us.