We can make data personable because of the people we hire.

RADaR is a team of motivators, business consultants, and data specialists.
A team that is supportive, flexible, and focused on growth.
A team that is as energizing as it is talented.
A team that truly cares.

Candice Rotter

I am a mother, wife, and leader. I have been in the marketing space for 20 years and still have the same passion for this industry as I did on day one. 

At RADaR,  we want to understand our clients' businesses as if they were ours. We are more than a dashboard; we are problem solvers at heart, and that is where our value comes in. If we don't help you understand your data and be able to use it to answer critical questions for your business, we aren't doing our job. 

Phuong Ta

VP - Data Strategy
I am an experienced leader in analytics and strategy with an MBA in finance and marketing analytics from the University of Missouri.

At RADaR, I ensure we bring the best products to market using the most efficient processes and the best team of analysts and strategists.

Becky Willis

Client Success Director
I am a client strategist with 10+ years of account and strategy experience.

At RADaR, my job is to understand what is important to the clients so that I can make sure their dashboard helps to answer their business objectives.

Renato Rodrigues

Manager Advanced Analytics
I am a Brazilian explorer with a great sense of humor. I love road trips — I used to drive more than 4,000 miles from Sao Paulo Brazil to Santiago, Chile every year.

At RADaR, I design and lead dashboard implementation, which defines the templates and database architectures and translates business needs into a technical language.
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Tim Abrahamson

Senior Data Analyst
I am a disabled Navy war-time veteran, entrepreneur, economist, data modeler, business analyst, sports enthusiast, professional singer, chef, competitive BBQer, debate judge, teacher, baseball coach, painter, tabletop gamer, competitive cheer dad, father of an amazing daughter, and my wife’s biggest fan.

At RADaR, I strive to bring value, meaning and creativity to every role in which I am engaged.

Samuel Meinders

Senior Data Analyst
I am a multi-talented, curious, thrill-seeking teammate who never stops learning.

At RADaR, I help our clients digest their data by building legible dashboards to be understood by every member of their team.
Sami Baugher
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Sami Baugher

Client Strategist
I am an optimist who strives to bring a fun, positive attitude to everything I do.

At RADaR, I grow the businesses of my clients by working with them to find data-driven solutions. I believe that good data paired with creative, thoughtful people can accomplish extraordinary things.
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Eric Corona

Client Strategist
I am a growth oriented dog dad with over 9 years of marketing experience in varying verticals. I am a nerd for all things strategy and development with a focus on driving customer acquisition and retention and ROI.

At RADaR, I help my clients make data driven decisions and utilize my background and knowledge of consumer psychology to ensure the actions taken are relevant to their business.

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