The Online Education Industry and COVID-19

The Online Education Industry and COVID-19

There is no doubt that COVID-19 and the on-going changes it brings have caused many businesses within multiple industries to become masters of adaptability. But how exactly are marketing campaigns being affected in the midst of everything?

At RADaR, we work with clients in various industries, and each industry has been affected differently. Here we will analyze how one of our Online Education client's campaigns have been affected during this pandemic. This is a Month over Month analysis in which we compared data to establish trends.

Our Insights

The Facebook performance saw a huge improvement for Online Education campaigns after measures to fight the spread of COVID-19 were put in place in early March of this year. From February to May of 2020, Facebook CPM went down by 61% while the CPC is 79% lower during the same period. Following the good trend, the Facebook CTR for Online Education went up by 80% in May compared to February of 2020. Just for comparison, the Facebook media cost (CPM and CPC) in 2019 was approximately 57% (CPM) and 28% (CPC) higher in May in comparison to February of the same year.

A similar trend was observed on Google Ads. From February to May of 2020 we've observed a significant improvement on the Paid Search media performance from Google, with a lower media cost — CPM and CPC went down by 29% and 54% respectively —and a CTR for Online Education 54% higher in May vs Feb of 2020.




Our RADaR team will review these results at the end of this month to see which trends will be sticking around for a while. If you have any questions or would like further information on our findings, please contact us.