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Discovery & Data Input

The first step towards a clean data journey is understanding the current state of your data. We'll work with you to understand what your data looks like today as well as taking the time to understand the needs of your business. 

Once we have a clear idea of your business goals, we will work with you to build an all-in-one solution to help you find media insights faster. This will allow you to spend more time making data driven decisions.

Our Approach

Custom Grouping Tool

If you have ever attempted to analyze data before, you have probably come across instances of uncategorized data. Data that you're not sure where it came from or data labelled as "undefined" or "null". Common reason for this can be associated with inconsistent naming conventions.

Through working with RADaR not only will we help you to identify that data and why it is uncategorized or "null" but we will also help you to clean and create consistent naming using our Custom Grouping Tool.

Our tool can be utilized across a multitude of BI tools.

Conversion Mapping Tool

Working within the marketing analytics space, we understand the importance of being able to properly track and understand conversions. However, some conversion naming don't follow a clear and consistent structure. 

This is where our Conversion Mapping Tool comes in. Using our tool you will be able to relabel and even group your conversions into a clear and understandable way. 

Example: Conversion 1 can now be grouped into a funnel as an awareness conversion. You can also rename it to be "Page Visit" or "Download".


The final piece of the puzzle is having a way to truly measure and monitor your data. Our CoreSpark dashboard makes it simple and easy to analyze your data in a meaningful way. 

The coreSPARK dashboard is meant to answer questions that will help you to better understand your media and how it is impacting your business. Below are just some of the questions the dashboard can answer for you out of the box:

What media was delivered? 
How am I pacing against my budget?
How are my KPI's pacing against my goals?
What platforms/channels was my media delivered on?
How did my media drive users through my funnel?
How am I performing using delivery and efficiency metrics?

The CoreSpark dashboard uses our custom tools to fuel insights and data in a way that YOU can control. 

Customer Testimonial

"This tool makes my OCD so happy! As VP of Digital Performance, I rely heavily on reporting to measure our client's success and for years I've struggled with data cleaning. Imagine having the power to map all of your data correctly and efficiently with a click of a button! This tool empowers us to focus on our client's performance instead of being weighed down by inaccurate information. Such a simple tool for such a complicated job. Highly Recommended."
- Taralynn VP of Digital Performance

Custom Insights & Reporting Dashboard

Every RADaR client receives a visual dashboard that displays their data in a concise and easy-to-read way.

Data Strategy Consulting

There’s no need to juggle multiple dashboards, spreadsheets, or profiles—we’ll get all your data in one place.

Deep-dive Analysis

We measure the impact of media efforts on business goals and help you achieve optimized engagement and maximized ROI.

Forecasting & Modeling

We use past data to predict the months and years to come — and provide suggestions for hitting your future business goals.

Business Solutions

Our data consultants can improve everything from data collection to customer segmentation to data analysis. In fact, there’s nothing in the data world that they can’t do.

Analytics Resources Consulting

If you want to improve the quality of your website data collection, find out most-potential customer segments, or need help with marketing analytics, RADaR is here for you.
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