Five Focus Points during COVID-19

Five Focus Points during COVID-19

COVID-19 has undoubtedly caused multiple shifts in your business. With all the unknowns and unpredictability surrounding your business at the moment, where should you focus? Now, more than ever, it is time to determine your analytics strategy and focus on what is working and what isn't — especially when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Here are five things to keep in mind as we navigate this all together.

Look at the impact or correlations during times of major announcements

In the past, we didn’t have access to data like we do today. This is our opportunity to analyze and see if anything statistically sound comes out of the circumstances we are in. Is there a shift in paid media trends, buying habits, engagement, brand loyalty, audience segmentation, or behavior?


Each country, state, county, and city is at a different point in this pandemic. Utilize the data available on where each geographic location stands on mandates, severity, and needs to determine your marketing and analytics strategy to position your brand during this time of need.


Personalization is key in marketing today and would be the number one thing to remember regardless of your industry or budget. This becomes even more important during these times. Make sure you are sensitive to the times, message appropriately, and reevaluate what you are putting in the market. Don’t stop marketing, but make sure the message is appropriate. Your audience may not need you today, but they will remember how you handled yourself during a tough time in the economy.

E-commerce and Online Activity 

Not every brand offers e-commerce as an avenue to engage or purchase what they offer, but in a time where consumers are at home, finding innovative ways to engage with your consumer online is crucial. This is now the primary way you will get to interact with your audience. How can you improve your digital experience as a business? Can you offer them information, introduce chat to allow a dialogue, create surveys or questionnaires, provide incentives or promotions? Get innovative here and remember relationships are what bring consumers back and how they become an advocate for your brand.

Dig in

Take this time to look for new insights and learnings. Think through your analytics approach, are you collecting the right data, do you have the right tools, and do you know where you want to go? As mentioned before, in past times like these, we didn’t have the data. We didn't have the tools or the experts to gather, learn, and become more prepared. Now we do. We will not only be able to use this to determine our short-term plan but to use data for our long term strategy, as well as for future needs we aren’t even aware of yet. Take this time to learn more with your data and really dig in.