It's Time for a Data and Analytics Expert

It's Time for a Data and Analytics Expert

When should you have a data and analytics expert on your team?

Short answer: from the very beginning.


Traditionally, data and analytics are saved either for the middle of a campaign or the very end. However, in order to see the best results, a data and analytics team would be a part of the conversation from the very beginning. Being a part of the process of determining KPI hierarchy, identifying goals, and creating the analytics framework helps to deliver not just insights, but insights you can act upon. 


So what does this look like for you?


Having your team buy-in from strategy to implementation is crucial. To start, we will work together to define a well defined and strong measurement strategy identifying business objectives, tactics, and KPIs. After determining this, we can effectively set up the campaign to show the performance of the set objectives.


What are your data and analytics expert's goals?


  • Understand the context
  • Create appropriate visualization
  • Eliminate Clutter
  • Develop relationships to understand their business
  • Try different angles and look at the solution a variety of ways
  • Tell the story


Ultimately, your data and analytics experts are here to help your business in the most efficient way. Coming in on a monthly or weekly basis saves your company on reporting hours because it sets us up to provide the best possible insights without spending time to clean and map data. Both teams putting in the groundwork is what drives the most successful campaigns — those which provide real-time data that illustrates how you are making an impact on your overall business goals.