Media Spend vs. New Clients

"How does a regional bank’s media spend impact its client list?"


RADaR partners with one of the largest self-storage companies in the US and Canada for dashboard reporting and media/sales analysis.


The client asked: “Should we be advertising around holidays?”

  • The RADaR analysis team conducted an in-depth analysis of four years worth of online  appointment bookings and 10 national holidays. 
  • We established an average for the daily hourly conversions and the holiday hourly conversions.


  • The RADaR analysis showed that four national holidays performed at a level above the average daily hourly conversion rate.
  • The RADaR analysis showed that eight holidays performed at a level below the average hourly conversion rate.
  • The client’s media plan was adjusted to reflect no media spend around the eight underperforming national holidays — and an increased media spend for the four national holidays that outperformed the average daily hourly conversion rate.