Google Trends Brand Popularity By Market

RADaR's Newest Dashboard Integration

Our most recent analysis uncovered the need for a new integration that would allow our clients to monitor their Google Trends brand popularity by market in real-time. How can you utilize this tool to help your business?

  1. Reviewing your brand popularity by market will allow you to understand where you might need to allocate additional marketing resources.
  2. Having the ability to access your brand popularity in real-time will grant you additional insight into why sales may be up or down at physical store locations.
  3. If you already use Google Trends having the ability to automate what could be a tedious process for you or your team will save time and allow you to reallocate those resources.
We created a unique integration to allow our clients to analyze their Google Trends brand popularity score by market.

Do you want to use Google Trends to analyze your brand popularity by market?

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