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Tableau Conference 2019 Highlights


The Tableau Conference is the premier event each year in the data community and we have a quick wrap-up review here from our very own Thao Hoang. Thao is an integral part of our Data Analyst team and she was very excited to share her learnings from Vegas!

Data Culture 

Tableau Blueprint is the methodology used to build data-driven culture and capabilities within organizations. In his keynote speech, Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky mentioned that “only 24% of enterprises have full access to all of their data. Worse yet, only 8% can achieve data agility at scale.” Tableau Blueprint is the roadmap, focusing on agility, proficiency, and community to help organizations transform with data and achieve analytics at scale. 

Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep Builder is the self-service data preparation tool equipped for building data flows while Tableau Prep Conductor is built for scheduling, monitoring, and managing those flows. 

Tableau Prep Builder has the drag-and-drop options to create a dataset from multiple sources, allowing you to structure your table the way you want. It allows you to view data flows, data description, and row level data in the same view. This will help you start your analysis much faster.

Tableau with AI and Machine Learning

Tableau is also using AI and powerful natural language capabilities to launch Ask Data and Explain Data. With Ask Data, you simply ask a descriptive question about your data or business (i.e.  top product by sales or YoY growth) and the Explain Data function helps to answer why it happens. 

More details can be found here for Ask Data and Explain Data.  

Iron Viz 

Iron Viz this year is about FOOD! As usual, the contestants never stop surprising us to showcase their Tableau’s Zen Master skills. Check out this year 2019 Iron Viz below:

Lindsey Poulter

Hesham Eissa

Joshua Smith

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